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JVC 3 Year Warranty   3 Year Warranty on JVC Professional Video Camcorder Models

JVC Professional Video Products is now offering a two year warranty extension to the original one year Manufacturer's Warranty (parts & labor) at no additional charge on key models when the end user registers the purchase with JVC within 30

Applicable 2016 - 2017 models:

Cameras: GY-HM200U, GY-HM200HW, GY-HM200SP GY-LS300CHU, GY-HM620U, GY-HM660U GY-HM850U, *GY-HM850CHU, GY-HM890U,


Studio components: KA-M790G, RM-HP790DU, VF-HP790G, KA-790G, RM-LP20G, RM-LP25U, RM-LP55U, RM-LP100U

* Includes camcorder body in lens packages. Camcorder body will be registered as _CHU model

* Studio components must be integral to a complete studio system with Camcorder included for the extended warranty on components to apply
Effective 12-01-2016 Through 12-31-2019
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GY-HM250U: $250 End-User Instant Rebate! and GY-HM180U: $200 End-User Instant Rebate!   GY-HM250U: $250 End-User Instant Rebate! and GY-HM180U: $200 End-User Instant Rebate!
JVC Professional Video Products is pleased to announce an extension
of the Instant Rebate Promotion provided to End Users instantly
when purchasing a new GY-HM250U or GY-HM180U 4KCAM Professional 4K Camcorder.
JVC will provide the Distributor a $250 DFI for each new GY-HM250U and a $200 DFI for each
new GY-HM180U purchased during the program period.
Effective 10-01-2018 Through 03-31-2019
  • GY-HM180U - Dealer $1,342.00, GY-HM180U: $200 End-User Instant Rebate.
  • GY-HM250U - Dealer $1,678.00, GY-HM250U: $250 End-User Instant Rebate!

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